Madeline turned TWO!

Super fun activity: floating down a canal in Heber.  (Maddie was napping)

The play kitchen we spent hours making for Maddie's birthday.

The 'before" of the play kitchen when we brought it home from the D.I.

Took the family to Tarahumara bakery in Midway for Maddie's birthday.

She got these incredibly adorable German lederhosen from her grandparents.

We had a small party with family to celebrate.

We let her have as many popsicles as she wanted and I think she ate 47.

Favorite part of Craft Lake City was the empanadas.

At the zoo.

Sidewalk painting and my ever expanding tummy.

Riding the train at the zoo.  Over and over and over and ...

Jackson Lawns hard at work.  They always mow side by side ;)

Madeline helped herself to a snack from the garden.

Jesse had a work trip so the rest of us spent a few days in Midway and had the most peaceful, magical time.  It was one of my favorite parts of the summer.  No cleaning or cooking or schedules.  Just playing, playing, playing.

Early morning chalk art in swimsuits.  

Swimming in the morning.  Swimming in the afternoon.  Swimming in the evening.

Bike rides!

Lucky for us, our daddy is a professional ice cream maker.  This flavor is mint chocolate chip.

An excursion to Provo Falls.  Very cool.

Mirror Lake

Provo Falls

At preschool orientation.  Benjamin and his teacher, Miss Denise.

His teacher won his heart immediately.

Last of the pool days.

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